Submit your video

Submitting is easy. Post your video first on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo or Dailymotion and then send us the link. Don’t make the video too long. Maximum 2 minutes will do. Please keep the topic of your video ‘Elfia related’, so for example:

  • create a video message to all Elfians you want to meet at Elfia the next time
  • or tell us about the progress of your costume, simply showcase your costume, point out details, or give costume tips
  • maybe tell us wherever you are located in the world
  • but above all, keep it positive and respectful

NB: keep in mind that roughly 50% of Elfians are Dutch-speaking and 50% foreign-speaking. So if it is possible, make your video preferably in English, or else in your own language (either it be Dutch, French, German, Italian etc) alternated with English. We don’t care if you’re a fluent English speaker or not. It’s all about your open mind and open heart!

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